Vision Martial Arts Combats Childhood Obesity

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Vision Martial Arts Combats Childhood Obesity

The statistics on childhood obesity are alarming. According to the Center for Disease Control, the obesity rates for children between the ages of 6 and 11 has tripled from 1980 to 2010 and the obesity rate for teenagers has nearly quadrupled in the same time period. This puts today’s children at greater risk for serious health problems that were previously associated with older people, such as cardiovascular disease.

Vision Martial Arts, taught by Masters Michael Wegmann and Julia Wegmann, is one option local parents have for reversing this disheartening trend. Discipline and self-control, are tenets of Vision Martial Arts, are two skills that children who are already overweight will be able to transfer to their everyday lives. Children who do not have a weight problem can benefit from learning these skills too.

In Vision Martial Arts, children develop a strong relationship with their instructors such as Masters Michael and Julia Wegmann. They will be expected to follow the rules at all times and show respect and obedience to their instructors. This respect is a two-way street and will be shown to Vision Martial Arts students in the form of personal guidance toward the student’s goals.

Overweight children already feel self-conscious and compare themselves negatively to their peers. With Vision Martial Arts, the only competition comes from within, as students are encouraged to master their form and technique. It is a safe environment with much encouragement offered from both the instructors and more experienced students.

The student will build stamina and increase physical strength in Vision Martial Arts, and the confidence gained from this will serve him well long after the lessons are completed. Vision Martial Arts of North Carolina helps children with obesity in a fun and educating manner for the children.

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