Review on Men in Martial Arts – Altered Lifestyle

I’d always been told I was fit and in shape, but the truth was I was lucky. All that sports activity in high school and daily trips to the college gym kept me toned enough to not be embarrassed by my appearance. Work changed all that. I had no idea that working eight hours a day would make all the errands, the gym, and my social life seem like another demand on my time. When I started at Vision Martial Arts, it was just a whim, and I was thinking if I was forced to go because I paid for the membership, I would at least lose some weight. It turned out to be the best decision of my life. I gradually cleaned up my eating habits and I am now legitimately in shape! I feel focused, energized and have discovered how easy it is to be healthy. The healthy “Vision” in Vision Martial arts has given me the key to success in life, health. Thank you to the Vision MA Team.  Darrin M

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