Professional Skill, Personal Touch

Vision Martial Arts – SE Cary

“I think Mr. Mark Beddow is perhaps the best all-around instructor I’ve seen in my professional and personal experience. From instantaneously knowing all students’ names, to the effectiveness and variety of his teaching methods, his always leading by example, his balance of expectation with praise, being both personal and professional, while engendering respect and affection from his students and parents alike. He has been a gift in my child’s life. We just had a birthday party at the studio with my child’s school friends who had never done Tae Kwon Do before and they all left learning a lot in a short time while having a blast. Many of the party parents were complimentary of him to me. So I know I’m not alone in my assessment of him. Mrs. Beddow is also a delight to work with! Ultimately going for the Black Belt is a commitment both in money and time for us, but I feel like the Beddows are great partners in my child’s training.”

Katherine L., January 20, 2015

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