Improved School Grades with Karate Classes

Karate for Kids – Improved School Grades

When I first heard that karate could help improve my son’s grades, I was skeptical. How could learning to punch and kick help his performance in school? But after watching him struggle and grow more and more frustrated with school, I was willing to try anything. So we enrolled him in a karate program at a truly remarkable martial arts school, Vision Taekwondo.

And it worked. It wasn’t an overnight change. It happened gradually.

I talked with his karate instructor about the change in academic performance and he told about what goes into learning karate. He told me about the importance of focus in karate, a trait crucial in school. Along with focus was discipline. Goal setting, something I would think about in karate but know is needed at school, was in the form of belt rankings. Most importantly, he came away from each lesson with a little more confidence. A changed child has changed our family life and even we as the parents have now enrolled. Our family can sum up Vision Martial Arts by saying it is “The Best Martial Arts Facility” in North Carolina. Thank you!

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