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Top Instructors Teach Quality Martial Arts in Virginia Beach

In the middle of the 19th century, martial arts were less known to people in the west. Yet, they were widely popular in their homelands for centuries. They were being used to train warriors and villagers for self-defense purposes as frequent attacks were imminent at those places. Today, martial arts has seen a rise in […]

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Better Grades With Martial Arts

Better Grades With Martial Arts Discipline is the key to martial arts and the key to getting better grades. Masters Michael and Julia Wegmann, along with the entire Vision Martial Arts team, are dedicated to programs helping their students lose weight, tone muscles and relieve stress while learning powerful self-defense skills. The dedication and increased […]

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Karate For Kids Life Skills

Karate For Kids Life Skills Vision Martial Arts is a place where kids can come to learn martial arts as well as life skills. Learning karate as a kid has much more to it than some may think. Children that learn karate at Vision Martial Arts are taught much more than combat or self-defense techniques. […]

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Kickboxing for Fitness and Personal Protection

Kickboxing for Fitness and Personal Protection Vision Martial Arts founder Master Wegmann and the entire staff of professional instructors want to pump up people with self-confidence and discipline as they get in shape and learn self-defense. Kickboxing burns off calories big-time while building up muscle tone. It relieves stress, builds energy and gets fitness levels […]

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