Martial Arts Master Reaches Out To Children With ADD/ADHD

Blog Boy1 Martial Arts Master Reaches Out To Children With ADD/ADHD
ADD/ADHD are attention deficit disorders that many children face every single year. Master Wegmann is reaching out to children with these disorders to show them mental and physical discipline that can increase their focus and improve their productivity within the classroom.

Research has shown that kids who are involved in very focused extracurricular activities have been known to make tremendous strides on their ADD/ADHD symptoms. Karate for kids at Vision Martial Arts caters to these children by providing them with the focused activities they need to make a difference.

Karate kids classes focus on respect as well as how to mentally and physically prepare one’s self for competition, self-defense and general fitness. Karate goes beyond kicks and punches. It is just as much about mental preparation as it is anything else.

Master Wegmann has identified with many students with ADD/ADHD and has helped them significantly. They are interested in what they’re doing and therefore become more focused to learn more. They enroll in class after class, making their way up to the various levels of belts. More importantly, however, the children are able to develop self-confidence.

This self-confidence helps with the attention deficit in life as well as in the classroom. More focused and more confident students do better in the classroom because they are more apt to learning. Master Wegmann invites any child who is struggling with ADD or ADHD to try karate. It’s a loved art and sport for boys and girls and the karate instructors are magnificent and very patient with kids.

Since the classes involve multiple students, senses are always being stimulated, which is the perfect atmosphere for those with attention deficit disorders. Karate has made a difference in the past and will continue to make a difference as more people realize the significant benefits.

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