Leadership Life Skills at Vision Martial Arts

Mens kara 10 Leadership Life Skills at Vision Martial Arts

Leadership Life Skills at Vision Martial Arts

Master Wegmann of Vision Martial Arts has again agreed to teach his seminar on how martial arts can improve your leadership skills. This combination workshop and seminar is open to all students at Allen’s Taekwondo Center. There are two sessions, one for adults, and the other for families. Children, even new beginners, are encouraged to attend. They will learn the skills necessary to set an example of excellence in the classroom. Master Julia Wegmann, 6th Degree Black Belt, and a Chief Instructor at Vision Martial Arts will be assisting Master Wegmann.

Vision Martial Arts teaches leadership skills through praise and recognition. Children learn to be self confident and resist peer pressure. Small achievements are valued, praised, and celebrated. Assertiveness is taught by encouraging the children to raise their hands and ask for help.

Positive thinkers are great leaders. Vision Martial Arts does not allow negative thoughts. “I can’t” is not a positive statement and has no place in the martial arts dojo. Listening to others and expressing yourself are signs of a good leader. Children are encouraged to raise their hands to talk to the class, listen to others speak, and to wait to take their turn.

Taking the initiative in doing the tasks that help the organization are encouraged. Children who help put the equipment away after class without being asked are showing leadership skills. Other children will follow their example.

By learning these and other skills while they are young, most children begin to excel in school and in their adult lives. Leadership skills should be learned and practiced from a very young age. Vision Martial Arts is more than kicking and punching, it’s pure fun!

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