Kickboxing for Fitness and Personal Protection

Mens kara 14 Kickboxing for Fitness and Personal Protection

Kickboxing for Fitness and Personal Protection

Vision Martial Arts founder Master Wegmann and the entire staff of professional instructors want to pump up people with self-confidence and discipline as they get in shape and learn self-defense.

Kickboxing burns off calories big-time while building up muscle tone. It relieves stress, builds energy and gets fitness levels in gear in a positive, forward-building direction. It’s a matter of focus and discipline that nationally certified, professional instructors, bring to the program.

Both Master Michael Wegmann, Master Julia Wegmann and the Vision Martial Arts Instructors hold classes that provide a workout that keeps your attention. It’s exciting and fast-paced allowing you to reach your martial arts and fitness goals. The program challenges people to bring out their best.

Kickboxing presents the ultimate in personal workouts. This takes core conditioning to a new level entirely. Kicking strengthens some of the most important muscles in the torso translating into full body impact. Fitness begins and ends at the core.

Fitness and personal protection training can work together to team for personal growth and health. Vision Martial Arts takes all the fitness of kickboxing to the level you want, but getting in shape isn’t the end of benefits. You can learn valuable personal protection techniques while getting fit and trim.

Fitness training gets the body going as it builds, tones and invigorates muscles. Self-defense follows with lightning fast movements and kicks, blocks and accurate striking. The combination of speed, power and flexibility expands the benefits of each.

Kick Boxing Classes taught at Vision Martial Arts are dedicated to the proposition that fitness and personal protection flow from kickboxing techniques and practice. It’s fun too!

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