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Karate For Kids Life Skills

Vision Martial Arts is a place where kids can come to learn martial arts as well as life skills. Learning karate as a kid has much more to it than some may think. Children that learn karate at Vision Martial Arts are taught much more than combat or self-defense techniques. The instructors at Vision Martial Arts are dedicated to providing their students with skills they can use in their everyday lives. Some of the life skills taught there are confidence, respect and discipline.

Confidence is a trait that goes hand in hand with karate. The student learns their techniques and then needs to be confident enough to act and follow their instincts. As a true Master of Martial Arts, Master Wegmann has been instilling this in his students for years. In karate, the person learns their attacks, blocks and counter attacks. The confidence comes when they put these into practice against opponents while having a great time and I a safe environment.

Discipline and respect are also fundamental parts of the study of any martial art. Students at Vision Martial Arts are taught to respect one another as well as the instructors and parents. Discipline of the mind and body are taught as a part of karate because it is an intricate process that demands fitness and attention to detail. Both, Masters Michael and Julia Wegmann are true leaders at Vision Martial Arts and are dedicated to providing the best possible karate experience. The kids get to learn to kick, block, punch and advanced techniques as well as skills like discipline and respect. The other skills the kids develop can be used outside of the class. Respect and discipline are highly valued traits in society and are a large part of karate.

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