Better Grades With Martial Arts

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Better Grades With Martial Arts

Discipline is the key to martial arts and the key to getting better grades. Masters Michael and Julia Wegmann, along with the entire Vision Martial Arts team, are dedicated to programs helping their students lose weight, tone muscles and relieve stress while learning powerful self-defense skills. The dedication and increased self-image developed by these programs carries over into all aspects of life.

Martial arts are about honor and discipline, keeping at it and believing in oneself. Kickboxing, karate and taekwondo promote and develop the discipline needed to succeed at school.

Focus is necessary in the classroom at Vision Martial Arts and in the classroom at children’s schools. Consider memorization — martial arts teach students to memorize the kata, or form, in martial arts. This helps children learn memorization skills essential for school academics.

Martial arts teach students to be accountable and respect themselves as well as others. Students get their belts and go to the next levels in martial arts by mastering series of moves. Students must strive to succeed. Success leads to more success, which develops the self-respect and perseverance students’ need to succeed in school.

Masters Michael and Julia feature a teaching program at Vision Martial Arts that revolves around positive mental attitude and high goal setting. This enables our young heroes to focus on the sport, and tasks, at hand.

Masters Michael and Julia Wegmann, and the Vision Martial Arts team are the leading martial arts instructors in the Carolinas dedicated to the proposition that better grades come from better discipline, focus, memory skills, respect and enthusiasm. Martial arts are exciting and educational, designed to challenge children to be their best.

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