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Mens kara 10 About Us

The Vision Martial Arts family is spread over 6 academies in Wake County North Carolina: Our locations are 2 in Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Raleigh, and Fuquay- Varina. VMA founder Master Michael Wegmann opened the first Vision Academy on March 1st 1992 while attending NCSU. Our schools focus on developing the individual mentally and physically.

Master Wegmann’s Story:

” I started my martial arts training at age 13, but the story doesn’t actually begin there. It starts with kindergarten as I was bullied everyday on the school bus to and from school through the 7th grade. As with many children, with my low self esteem I started choosing comfort foods and did not want to go outside and play. By the 2nd grade I stopped making new friends. By middle school although I was in the honors program I was maintaining a C- average. I woke up one day to find that I was obese, barely passing the 7th grade, and so afraid of my bullies that I didn’t want to go to school. Then I saw a movie that changed my life, “The Karate Kid.” From that moment I was inspired and begged my parents to enroll me in Karate. Finally that summer they gave in and enrolled me in Taekwondo. That summer I grew stronger both physically and mentally. I gained confidence and self esteem, but most importantly my personal standards for my own personal discipline and how I would allow others to treat me had changed forever. When I returned school that fall I had already lost 15 pounds, within 2 weeks my new found confidence had given me what was necessary to deal with the bullies on the bus, and one my 1st report card I earned straight As for the 1st time ever. Lucky for me my martial arts instructor challenged me to repeat performance in school, and that is just what I did each semester until I graduated at the top of my class from NC State’s College of Management in 1994. I share this story with you not to impress you, but to impress upon you what a powerful life changing vehicle martial arts leadership development training can be for a student committed to growth. Today, I as the Master Instructor of the Vision Martial Arts schools have had the pleasure of helping thousands of children and adults find their own Vision of Success and you can too.”

Master Instructor
Michael J. Wegmann
7th degree black belt

Why should I join Vision Martial Arts:

“Here at Vision Martial Arts when we have a student moving away from the area and we try to match them up with a new school we recommend that our students look for 4 things in selecting a new school.

  1. An established history in the community for ten years if possible as so many schools close within the 1st few years of operation it is important to pick a school that will be here for the long run. Vision Martial Arts and Master Wegmann have had schools in the Triangle area since 1992.
  2. Make sure the instructors are Certified as instructors not just black belts as black belt means expert practitioner you also need someone who is trained to share that expert knowledge with others. At Vision Martial Arts all of our instructors are Internationally Certified through the ATA and complete no less than 300 training hours learning instruction in addition to their curriculum to become black belts.
  3. Make sure the school has National or International accreditation. So that when you earn a Black Belt it will carry some weight outside of your own school. The Vision Martial Arts schools are all sanctioned by the ATA, the largest martial arts organization in the US with over 1000 locations.
  4. Make sure the school you choose focuses on the development of the individual not just competition and winning trophies. Now there is nothing wrong with competition. In fact we have several World Champions here on our staff at Vision Martial Arts, but at Vision your goals come first whether that is developing confidence, discipline, gaining fitness, or even self defense. We are here to help you achieve your Vision of Success.

The 4 Dangers that every child faces today:

Here at Vision Martial Arts we recognize that there are 4 dangers that today’s children face.

  1. Childhood Obesity: According to the CDC obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. At this rate 43% of Americans will be obese by the year 2030. Martial Arts exercises all major and minor muscle groups and training just a couple times per week will help your child establish a habit of exercise that can last a lifetime giving him or her a jump start on fitness.
  2. Attention and Focus Challenges: As many as 9 million children are mediated in the US for attention and focus challenges such as ADHD. However, many councilors recommend put children with ADD or ADHD into focus building disciplines such as martial arts to help mitigate the need and volume of medication.
  3. Bullying: By now we are all too aware that bullying is on the rise in our schools. According to Olweus, the bully prevention experts, only 5% of bullying incidents at school are interrupted by faculty members and when polled 38% of children feel like they should help when they see another child being bullied, but don’t know what to do. At Vision Martial Arts our Kidz n’ Power bullying prevention program is the only one of its kind to be endorsed by Olweus. Our program will teach your child how to confidently standup for him/ herself and their friends in the face of bullying.
  4. Child Abduction: According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children a child is reported missing every 40 seconds. At Vision Martial Arts our Kidz n’ Power abduction prevention training program is the only one of its kind to be endorsed by Amber Alert. Our program will teach your child how to be a harder target through, confidence, awareness, and self defense techniques that attack pressure points and weak areas of the body.

Here at Vision Martial Arts one of our goals is to give you the peace of mind that your child is learning skills he or she needs to meet the dangers of today’s world head-on.

Once again thank you for visiting the VMA website and we look forward to seeing you in class soon.